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One of the most important parts of planning your wedding reception is the table layout. When it has been done well, the guests will converse and mingle with each other and it does not matter how large the guest list is, careful consideration should be given to the table layout so that mingling is encouraged.

The venue you choose for your reception will be able to offer you sufficient tables and chairs so that you can do your seating plan. Most venues supply round tables for the guests and a long rectangular table for the wedding party. The wedding party are usually placed at the top of the room with all the other tables arranged so that the bridal party can be seen by everyone. You will know how many people are to be accommodated and this will give you the number of tables and chairs that you will need. The venue will be able to place all the tables and chairs so that there will be sufficient space for people to move around easily and have access to the restrooms. You will also be able to choose coloured table cloths and chair covers to match the bride’s colour scheme.

When you have the general room and table layout, you can then begin to think about an individual seating plan and where you would like people to sit. This can be tricky particularly when there are lots of people who do not know each other attending and of course, there is always that awkward friend/relative to try and place. If possible, try to match guests by profession, interests or some other suitable criteria. It is important that guests feel comfortable and enjoy themselves at your big day. If there are children attending the wedding, older children can be seated together away from their parents whilst younger children should always be seated with their parents. Couples should always be seated together and singletons can be seated where appropriate, preferably with people who will make them feel comfortable and with whom they have something in common. It is common practice to have a seating plan at the entrance of the room so that people can see where they are to go and who they are sitting with.

When choosing the wedding reception venue, it is a good idea to have a look at the tables and chairs, test them out and see how comfortable they are and whether the chairs are at the right height for comfort and practical uses. Find out if there are high chairs available for small children. These will be placed at their parents tables and will need to be taken into account when judging the amount of room required. By spending some time carefully arranging the seating plan, you will be able to give your guests the opportunity to engage with each other and have a thoroughly good time. They will all be able to see the bridal party and hear all the speeches, see the cake being cut and join in the toasts. Hopefully, by the time the entertainment begins, new friendships will have been forged.

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